Mgmt Team Tarmac - WebWe team with you to plan your project to achieve your organization’s unique needs and goals, from initial baseline assessments to on-going/follow-up inspection surveys, whether aerial or ground-based … from property and asset surveys to illicit discharge violations and infrastructure right-of-way pre- and post-storm surveys. We can also provide R&D support to organizations developing their own technologies, from performing market and competitive analyses to hosting focus groups.

Our experienced team will help you select from our cost-effective and flexible capabilities to develop the customized project plan best suited to your data, imagery, analysis and reporting/delivery requirements. We will craft and integrate specialized aviation and ground-based solutions for your unique projects.

Once we have jointly designed your specific project plan, EnviroEye will initiate the mission to acquire the required data or imagery.

Program Management Services:

  • Ongoing Surveys (LiDAR, Photo, Video, MS)
  • Baseline Assessments
  • Inspection Patrols
  • Program Development
    • R & D Solutions (UAV/UAS)
    • Implementation and Orientation
    • Program Enhancement (Technical Upgrades)

To begin your project planning, contact our Operations Departments for more information:

  • Mark Jenkins, Project Manager and Operations Coordinator: 603-505-4668, x 103 or
  • Rick Bartle, Director of Business Development: 603-505-4668, x104 or

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