Customer Testimonial – ROW Video Surveys

ROW Survey of Ice Storm Obstructions
ROW Survey of Ice Storm Obstructions

EnviroEye provided us with high definition street view imagery of the overhead distribution utility lines and adjacent trees after the Concord, NH, area was impacted by a heavy wet snow event. The imagery provided was absolutely stunning. It was crystal clear, steady, and very easy to view. The imagery is so powerful that I will be using the footage for analysis and program justification and development purposes. I am beyond thrilled at the product I received and the level of support and customization we continue to have from EnviroEye.”  — System Arborist, major regional utility


Benefits of Aerial & Land-based Thermal I/R & HD Video Surveys

Identifying infrastructure-specific problem areas and right-of-way (ROW) obstructions of power distribution lines are among the more costly, time- and labor-intensive aspects of your business.

Our data acquisition solutions can help your organization to efficiently deploy and control resources to make prompt, well-informed, on-the-spot decisions when time is of the essence to preserve life, restore services and satisfy customers, with minimum risk to personnel.

Unitil Substation-1
Substation construction progress monitoring (click to enlarge)

We use both ground and aerial-based sensors to perform surveys for electrical power utilities. Vegetation management surveys will uncover foliage encroachment and enable pre-cut analyses for utility companies, as well as post-storm data collection to assess damage.

Unitil Substation-2
Substation construction progress monitoring (click to enlarge)

We also provide baseline geophysical data for the preconstruction phase of new electrical substations, as well as aerial surveys for both distribution and transmission line maintenance.


Customer Testimonial – Utility Substation Aerial Surveys

“Rick, great job with these videos. Seeing it from the air gives a whole different perspective on the vegetation around this substation and the lines. You can really see the overhang and danger trees from this view. I am thinking that I might have you take your second image in late September when all of the tree work is complete and the line work is in progress. I want to do this while the foliage is still on the trees, so there is a clear comparison of the before and after. I will be in touch soon.” — Manager – Electric Distribution, Unitil Corporation

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