Customer Testimonial – Solar Array Thermal Infrared Aerial Surveys

Using aerial infrared technology and high definition aerial photography, ENVIROEYESM, LLC, provided us with a comprehensive survey of nine of our utility-scale solar arrays across North Carolina, covering more than 350 acres. The survey and resulting analysis allowed us to pinpoint anomalies in our infrastructure to the lowest possible components and to dispatch maintenance crews to those precise locations with the proper tools. What EnviroEye completed in just a few days would have taken a ground crew weeks to complete. The survey has enabled us to keep our infrastructure at peak efficiency and has provided significant savings in time and maintenance costs.” – Director of Operation & Maintenance, national solar company.

Warren Site Cold Panels
Aerial Thermal IR Survey of Solar Farm Array – Failed Strings Identification
  • Read our new comparison of the pros and cons of two methods of gathering and analyzing performance data: IV-curve tracing and aerial thermal IR surveying. It’s the first in a series of three discussions on solar PV performance issuesREAD IT HERE.

Maintaining and monitoring the solar farm installations your company is responsible for can be one of the more costly, time- and labor-intensive aspects of your business.

EnviroEye has successfully developed and deployed an aerial PV solar anomaly detection service. We have demonstrated that this solution is more time- and cost-effective than conventional ground-based methods. Our aerial survey reports are a combination of HD photography and thermal IR imagery that yield highly accurate fault detection data. The overall benefit to O&M managers who use the data is to identify trouble spots in hours rather than days and to dispatch maintenance crews accordingly.

Benefits of Aerial Thermal IR Solar PV Cell Anomaly Detection

  • Identifies and locates malfunctioning PV panels, pinpointing failed or failing cells, vegetation encroachment, or debris (as minor as bird droppings) on panels.
  • High-resolution photographic imagery accompanies the thermal imagery.
  • Aerial surveys can cover 100s of acres in a day.
  • Reports are designed to direct maintenance staff directly to specific anomalies to quickly determine the cause and make repairs. See more here about our accomplishments for solar energy customers.

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