Aerial and Ground-based Data and Imagery for Public Utilities and Renewable Energy Operators

Public Utilities
Public Utility Aerial HD Survey
Aerial HD Survey -- Solar Farm
Aerial HD Survey — Solar Farm

Many organizations face major challenges today that require timely information in the form of data and/or imagery so they can make fast, well-informed decisions that often have serious consequences to themselves, their customers and the general public. Many of these challenges are effectively addressed by aerial and ground-based data and imagery.

ENVIROEYESM, LLC’s innovative solutions and services provide cost-effective and efficient support of the visual information and situational awareness needs and capabilities of a diverse range of customers across a broad range of applications and industries.

These solutions permit organizations to comprehensively document and analyze assets, events and the surrounding environment. Among other benefits, this visual information helps users mitigate potential damage and losses and maintain business/operational continuity and economic vitality.

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