Accomplishments for Our Electrical Power Infrastructure Customers Include:

Post-ice Storm Ground-based Video Survey of Electrical Transmission Lines Right-of-Way (ROW) Circuit


  • Performed post-storm data collection for a New Hampshire utility company, enabling them to assess and deal with the damage to their electrical transmission line rights-of-way (ROW) after a Thanksgiving blizzard and ice storm. View our ROW solution here.




Aerial  Survey of Power Line Obstructions
Aerial Survey of Power Line Obstructions
  • Performed vegetation management surveys for a New Hampshire utility company to locate foliage encroachment over transmission and distribution lines.
  • ROW Road Entrance
    Aerial Survey — Right-of-way (ROW) Road Entrance

    Conducted aerial video vegetation surveys to acquire pre-cut baseline and post-cut verification data along a 15 mile- long distribution circuit in Newton, NH.

  • Performed scheduled aerial and ground-based video surveys to facilitate distribution and transmission line problem detection for a New Hampshire utility company .
  • Performed post-storm damage assessment by providing aerial video footage of a selected section of another New Hampshire utility company’s power distribution lines and rights-of-way following the Hurricane Irene storm in 2011.
  • Provided substation pre-construction, baseline photogrammetry data.

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