With a focus on the commercial aerial imagery/GIS, renewable energy and public utility markets, the ENVIROEYESM team collaboratively builds data-driven solutions for aerial and ground-based environments. The data we deliver solves and/or mitigates problems for both renewable energy projects — solar and wind —  and traditional utilities — electricity, oil and gas. And with our expertise in collecting and processing high definition aerial video and still imagery, we have also successfully managed projects and delivered services for public safety, emergency management, tourism and other private and public sector entities that require our unique capabilities.

Mgmt Team Tarmac - WebWe solve customer problems by addressing specific operational and maintenance needs and providing the comprehensive, detailed data that meets those needs. Because we understand the challenges inherent in these markets, we have developed innovative solutions to deliver actionable and useful data in new and unique ways. Rather than just fulfilling an existing need with traditional technologies, we think “outside the box” to devise solutions that provide significant savings and deliver dramatic operational benefits.

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